Elijah Among Us: Understanding and Responding to God’s Prophets Today


While the word prophet may summon images of bearded folk proclaiming the end of the world, Sandford, a Congregational pastor, sees prophets as intermediaries, people who help others hear God and who offer blessings, healing, judgment, warning, intercessory prayer and reconciliation for both individuals and institutions. This book is about the history of prophecy and prophets as well as practical ways to understand and apply prophecy today, based on Sandford’s own experience as a modern prophet. Sandford relies heavily on the Bible to describe the prophetic office, asserting, for example, that prophets are not, contrary to popular Christian tradition, infallible. Instead, he says, prophecy is a gift honed over time; those who hear prophetic words should subject them to tests of judgment by praying, waiting and asking others for advice. Sandford also acknowledges that sometimes God works in completely unfathomable ways, as when people die despite intercessory prayer, or when tragedy occurs to someone walking closely with God. Prophets must learn to live with unanswered questions, he explains. There comes a time when God does not answer, when we just have to let go and trust and honor His arcane wisdom. This frustrated yet faith-filled acknowledgment of mystery, as well as Sandford’s frequent admissions of his own mistakes over the years, contributes to a humble tone throughout the book. Combined with Sandford’s anecdotes and sensible advice, this is an appealing introduction for even non-charismatics interested in learning more about this particular area of Christianity.

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A job description for prophets-then and now.

Is the prophetic gifting for today? If so, whom does it involve and how does it work? In this sequel to John and Paula Sandford’s classic The Elijah Task, John teaches about the history of prophecy and its biblical application for today. He shows those who have this extraordinary gift how to discharge the office properly, and he gives the Church a vision for God’s purpose in this ministry. From Elijah Among Us you will gain crucial knowledge of a widely misunderstood gift, helping you be discerning in these strategic end times.

“Elijah Among Us reveals deep truths gleaned from many years of understanding the prophetic gift. John is one of the pioneers of the prophetic movement. Those of us who cut our teeth on the prophetic by reading The Elijah Task have waited a long time for this book.”
Cindy Jacobs, cofounder, Generals of Intercession
author, Possessing the Gates of the Enemy and The Voice of God

“With the brush of a master and the wisdom of a sage, John Sandford presents a gem that will shine bright and cast light for all those looking to know the ways of God on the prophetic pathway. I am personally delighted that this long-awaited sequel is now among us!”
Jim W. Goll, cofounder, Ministry to the Nations
author, Kneeling on the Promises and The Coming Prophetic Revolution

“Few have the ability to panoramically and prophetically view the past, present and future as does John Sandford. He serves the information on a nutritionally balanced platter that one can savor. It is with great honor and urgency that I commend to you Elijah Among Us.”
Dr. Dutch Sheets, founder, Dutch Sheets Ministries
author, Intercessory Prayer

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