Fellowship to War – MP3

By (author)Tim Hamon


Dr. Tim Hamon

This timely message imparts “marching orders” to God’s people now, revealing the significance of this time in history.  Understand how the Church has rebuilt and how God is now calling His people to rebuild our government, businesses, schools and churches according to His pattern.  Dr. Hamon explains why it’s time to build on intercession and prophecy and now go into all arenas of society to bring material, structural and practical change.  If you have a passion to see transformation, you’re willing to sacrifice to be used of God in this world, this message is for you!

-God does not want His people to function solely inside church walls

-Why the Temple has been built but the city is still in ruins

-What captivity began in 1936 and why it must come to an end

-How our warfare is shifting from “aerial attack” to “ground troop infiltration”

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