God Speaks and You Can Hear Him – Paperback by Edgar Iraheta


In his book, God Speaks and You Can Hear Him, Edgar Iraheta provides valuable insight, personal experience and encouragement for every Believer to activate his or her ability to hear the Voice of the Lord.  His teaching is scripturally sound and his challenge to each one is to move past the things that would act as road blocks of the anointing in our lives. -Apostles Tom & Jane Hamon, Pastors of Vision Church  at Christian International.

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In God Speaks and You Can Hear Him, you will be equipped and activated to learn how to exercise your Gift of Prophecy by the practical activation’s included.  You will learn and gain a deeper understanding of the function of New Testament Prophets versus Old Testament Prophets.  You will learn to tap into the miraculous power of your personal prophetic promise and while cultivating a deep and rich relationship with God.

You will also learn:

  • How to grow and mature in your spiritual gifts
  • Learn how the Holy Spirit empowers you as a believer
  • How to cultivate a healthy prophetic culture and ministry
  • Questions and answers about the prophetic

130 pages



Edgar A. Iraheta

Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Edgar Iraheta is Coordinator of Christian International en Español and part of the Pastoral Team at Vision Church Fort Walton Beach. He travels, ministering and training Saints to live a supernatural life in the Kingdom of God. His wife and two sons are God’s special Gift to Him.

He is currently working on developing manuals and books on the ministry of prophecy, deliverance and inner healing, pastoral care and discipleship.


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