Revealing God’s Truth on Abortion

By (author)Susan Pender


Revealing God’s Truth On Abortion: A Study Guide to “God, What is My Baby’s Name?” Paperback

“Whether you are a woman who has suffered in silence over a past abortion, a family member or friend dealing with a loved one who has had an abortion, or a pastor or counselor, this book will provide insight, strategy and a practical process to help restore hope and wholeness to broken lives. Believers everywhere would benefit from this message since statistics show you are probably interacting with women in your daily circle of relationship who have previously had an abortion and are living with the emotional, and perhaps physical repercussions of that decision. Perhaps you could be the one to bring that woman a message of forgiveness, love and hope for her future. Thank you, Susan for providing this great resource to help set captives free.” – Jane Hamon

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