The Gate of Prayer & The Watchman (Bundle)

By (author)Martha Lucia


Product bundle of The Watchman and The Gate of Prayer by Martha Lucia


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The Gate of Prayer

The Church’s greatest power lies in the Gate of Prayer.  Using the progression of the Early Church in the Book of Acts, the authors lead you step by step into building blocks of truth which are opened to the believer through the Gate of Prayer.  Thoroughly based on Scripture, with exploration into word meanings in the original languages, this books is not another “how to” prayer guide.  It is an invitation to ongoing participation in a deep and transforming lifestyle.

Even as Jacob wrestled with the angel of God until he received the blessing, you will be challenged to engage your faith in a greater way in order to receive the blessings of a higher prayer life.  Let the authors take you on an eloquent journey through the Gate of Prayer to the heart of God.


The Watchman

The prophetic ministry in the Body of Christ has many aspects.  One of these is the watchman.  Ezekiel, the best Biblical example of a prophet watchman, spoke many words of warning which reflected woe, mournings, and lamentations.  Do we still need this ministry today?  Is an intercessor a watchman?  Is a watchman an intercessor?  How do you recognize these gifts and how do they work together?  These and other questions will be answered as the lives of various Old Testament prophets are reviewed and Martha Lucia shares her personal experience of the watchman gift in action today.

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