The Prophet Minstrel: Radical Worship Leadership for Radical Worshipers!

By (author)David Brown


The Prophet Minstrel is a Scripture- based study on the office of Prophet coupled with a musical gifting. The author’s experience and study of Scripture will release the anointing that God has ordained for this office, which takes the Body of Christ into a deeper relationship and into the presence of God through worship.

When God imparts the anointing of Prophet and Minstrel into the same ministry, an explosive exponential anointing will be released when properly cultivated.

The anointing of the Prophet Minstrel operates best in the midst of corporate worship and praise! Prophet Minstrels, unlike other ascension gifts have a unique ability to set atmospheres for powerful worship and prophetic moves of God.

Prophet Minstrels come loaded with an activation anointing and an arsenal of spiritual weapons, armed and ready for spiritual warfare and deliverance.

This book is not only for Prophets and Minstrels, it is for any musician or true worshiper who desires to take their worship and elevate their praise to a much higher dimension through prophetic ministry.

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ATTENTION Musicians, Singers, Ministers of Music, Worship Leaders, Worship & Arts Leaders, and Worshipers:

Are you playing your instrument or singing under the anointing as powerfully as you would like to?

Are you experiencing a higher awareness  of God’s presence when you play or sing?

Does atmospheres change during your ministry?
Do special songs come into your spirit that you never heard before while you sing or play?
Do you hear melodies when you pray for people or when you are praising God in the midst of the congregation?

The Prophet-Minstrel reveals how to take your music ministry from worship and praise, to dimensions of the spirit – realm.
Learn how to hear, sing, and play songs that come directly from God, for the people of God. God is raising up prophets that will sing and play His song! Prophet -Minstrels are anointed to change atmospheres through the gift of prophecy and song!
After reading this book, you will know:

The Basics of Prophetic Ministry

About the Tabernacle of David revelation for New Testament worship

Why prophets will be used to re-build the Tabernacle of David

The Dynamics of True Worship

The power of the Prophet-Minstrel’s Anointing and Activation Authority

….Many other foundational prophetic principles

David, through prayer, worship, and study of scripture received the revelation that; “GOD MOVES on MOVEMENT!” He has adopted and used this phrase and revelation concept to administer, coordinate, and lay foundation for powerful worship. David has traveled around the world conducting seminars, conferences, and praise ministries in churches.
The author has over 35 years of ministry experience. He preaches, teaches, and ministers elements of worship and praise, prophetically. His most anointed gift is sharing and teaching others methods of hearing God’s voice through worship! David will reveal how the Prophet-Minstrel has the ability to communicate the will of God through song and music ministry!
This book is a “must-have for any musician, psalmist, or praise team member who desires to achieve optimum “flow” for their ministries!
If you are serious about worship and curious about prophetic ministry, this book was designed especially for you!

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