The Watchman

By (author)Martha Lucia


Is an intercessor a watchman?

Is a watchman an intercessor?

How do you recognize these gifts and how do they work together?

The prophetic ministry in the Body of Christ has many aspects.  One of these is the watchman.  Ezekiel, the best Biblical example of a prophet watchman, spoke many words of warning which reflected woe, mournings, and lamentations.  Do we still need this ministry today?  Is an intercessor a watchman?  Is a watchman an intercessor?  How do you recognize these gifts and how do they work together?  These and other questions will be answered as the lives of various Old Testament prophets are reviewed and Martha Lucia shares her personal experience of the watchman gift in action today.

by Martha Lucia & Dana Millar

As an apostolic overseer of hundreds of churches, ministers, and ministers in the marketplace, I strongly exhort all leaders to find, raise up, and appoint watchmen for your church or business.  Prophetic watchman and intercessors are vital components of any successful Christian endeavor.  The truths within this book will set all intercessors and watchmen free to fulfill their calling and destiny,  I  highly recommend this book for personal reading and group. 

-Dr. Bill Hamon, Founder Christian International Ministries Network

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